An idea, a brush and acrylic paint joined together on nature's canvas

I observed my mother's love of painting and my father's love of rock collecting merge into the art form that I practice today.  It became a natural combination of art and science.

Just as my grandchildren watch me in my studio as I select the perfect mineral for a hummingbird or snowy owl, so I watched my mother as she carefully selected a rock slice, pondered its shape, color, and distinctive markings.  She taught me to see the bare stone as a natural habitat waiting for the perfect bird or fish.

I am inspired by the black and white markings in howlite, the translucency of agate, and the rich variation of color in petrified wood.  In my studio with brush and stone in hand I am moved to create.  My artwork expresses my deep sense of wonder in the glorious beauty of the earth and its creatures.

It's a joy to share this with you.